Where are Building Opportunities Available?

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana consistently has multiple building opportunities in different neighborhoods. We have worked in Butte, Anaconda, Boulder, Dillon, and Whitehall. Below are our current building opportunities. If you are interested in building your new home in one of these areas, please click the “Apply to Build a Home” button above to start your application.

Whitehall – Mountain Horizons Subdivision

National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN) and Habitat for Humanity’s Mountain Horizons Subdivision is currently under development with 7 homes completed to date and more housing underway in 2021. This subdivision offers unparalleled 360 degree mountain views nestled in beautiful Whitehall, Montana. To start your build in the Whitehall Mountain Horizons Subdivision please give us a call and start your application today! 

Mountain Horizons is a spacious, solar-designed neighborhood with stylish, passive solar super-insulated designs, ready for affordable solar electric systems. Lots include:

  • Sidewalks for walking path
  • Parkland, including community garden project
  • Paved roads
  • Engineered Storm Drainage
  • City Water & Sewer
  • Solar Orientation
  • Underground electric service – Northwestern Energy
  • Homeowners Association and Covenants


The city of Anaconda is the newest addition to the Habitat for Humanity SWMT community and one of the most sought after of our building opportunities. Our first four Habitat homes will be constructed in Anaconda in 2022 and we hope to continue contributing to the expansion of this historic town. This growing city is working closely with Habitat and NAHN to provide even more affordable housing to its current and prospective citizens. As we continue to expand the ability for Anaconda’s residents to find safe, energy-efficient homes, we are also hoping to find new and existing Anaconda citizens to move into these new wonderful homes .


Butte has been a staple of Habitat of SWMT’s community since its conception. Habitat and NAHN constantly have new building opportunities in this city. We are hoping to revitalize neighborhoods with the addition of new, affordable, energy-efficient homes. Habitat for Humanity of SWMT is helping to provide modern homes to historic and beautiful Butte.