We are excited to announce that our current home construction cycle is nearing an end. Families are beginning to move into their homes. However, there is still plenty of work to be done before these projects are considered complete. The biggest feat to close out this cycle will be the demolition and removal of a trailer in Anaconda. This trailer served as their previous home, but with their newly constructed Habitat home they would like it removed. Habitat for Humanity SWMT is planning a demolition volunteer event at our Anaconda build site on June 24th and 25th to help us with the demolition of this unwanted trailer.

We need as many volunteers as possible to help remove all the additions made to this trailer and get it road-ready. This event will involve demolition and therefore will include obstacles on-site that have the potential to cause injury. We will provide safety equipment to all volunteers and expect everyone on-site to respect the regulations set by Habitat to keep everyone safe.

We understand that weekdays might be difficult for people to come out and volunteer. However, we are expecting to work evenings and will work with volunteers to make the event accessible. If time is your concern, we ask that you sign up. We will find a time that works for everyone. Sign up for this event by filling out our Demolition Volunteer Event Sign-Up. Contact Shane by email at sellanson@habitatswmt.org with any questions.



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