Health and Homeownership

Homeownership has the potential to positively impact one’s life in many different ways. In today’s blog we will discuss how the whole family’s health and nutrition can be improved by moving into a home of their own. Homeownership makes lifestyle changes related to health possible because of two main reasons: a reduced monthly housing cost and an improved attitude towards the homeowners life.

Many Habitat families across the world have reported improved health and nutrition. Firstly, the most common health improvement is shown in the mental health of the new homeowner. This is regularly seen through a renewed positive outlook on the life of the family. A new, affordable home has the potential to completely change the world view of the homeowners. It can allow them to believe that anything is possible for them. Having a home that they are proud to show off and feel safe in is relieving to all homeowners.

Another positive impact of affordable housing is that it allows them the opportunity to budget more money towards healthy foods. No longer having a monthly rent payment, alongside the free Credit Counseling provided by our partner, National Affordable Housing Network, allows for extra money in the budget to make more home cooked meals that are healthier for the entire family. This can provide a drastic physical health improvement to the new homeowners. Combine these two health improvements and the potential enhancement in quality of life is astronomical.

How to Help

Help provide affordable housing in Southwest Montana by filling out our volunteer sign up form. You can also donate to Habitat to help us continue building. Apply to build your own home by filling out our New Client Intake Form. Habitat for Humanity SWMT and NAHN are proud to continue improving the quality of life for residents in our community by providing affordable housing. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back soon for new articles.


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