Faith Community

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana welcomes all community members and organizations to volunteer with us! Today’s article is about one type of community organization that we are hoping to build a stronger relationship with: faith communities. Being a Christian organization, Habitat knows the power and selflessness of faith communities. They are often tight-knit, caring groups that work hard to give back to the community that they live in. For this reason we would like to get our local faith communities more involved with Habitat.

We are calling on all faith communities in Southwest Montana to come out and join us on the work site or in our ReStore. Get a prayer group, bible study, or general congregation group together and help us improve the lives of others in our community. Everyone 16 years old and above are welcome to join our team in building homes for families in our area. We know that more people want to get involved than actually sign-up. Sometimes it just takes one person to start a conversation to get a volunteer group together. We are calling on YOU to start that conversation within your faith community. Put your faith into action today! No experience required to make an impact!

If your faith community would like to help us make a difference, fill out our group sign-up form today. If you are struggling to get a group together, we will happily invite individuals out with our individual sign-up form. We have also just put together an article to answer questions about what volunteering with Habitat will look like, click here to give it a read. Thank you for reading, please give us a like on Facebook to stay up to date on where we are with projects and upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

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