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Who are the GEMs?

The GEMs (Givers of Every Month) are our monthly donors that continue to support our mission. These donors are crucial to the continued success of Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana. Whether its $10 or $100, the funds provided by our GEMs are the foundation to our continued ability to provide affordable housing throughout Southwest Montana. Consider donating what you can and become a GEM today!

What is the benefit of being a GEM?

  1. Receive a personalized letter of thanks from our Executive Director
  2. Opportunities to participate in VIP/GEM-only volunteer events
  3. The knowledge that you are regularly contributing to improving your community

Why should you make a donation?

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana is grateful for every donation that is graciously given to us to help provide affordable housing to the residents of Southwest Montana. We accept donations in three ways: monetary donation, vehicle donation, and material donation. Each of these donation types are eventually turned into cash for us to use towards building homes.  

Our cash donations are used in a few different ways to help us keep operating. These funds are primarily used alongside our grant money to help pay for construction materials. However, these donations also help fill in the gaps in our budget that grants don’t usually cover. Some of these areas are: staff salaries, operating expenses (Office rental, utility bill, etc.), and community outreach. All of these areas are vital to our organization’s continued impact. Material and vehicle donations function similarly to cash donations. This is because both of these donations are eventually turned into cash for the uses described above. Every dollar, material, and vehicle that is donated contributes to our success. Also, check out our ReStore on Facebook to stay up to date on available products and sales!