As we get closer to the beginning of winter, there are a few things we thought were important to remind homeowners to check. It is important to the health of your family and welfare of your home that you follow this list before winter starts. This short winter prep checklist will include three easy steps that can help make sure that your household has a safe and enjoyable winter.

Winter Prep Steps

First, get your furnace checked. This is the only item on this list that you will likely need to hire someone to do for you. Most contractors will do a general inspection for relatively cheap and it can save you a lot of money and headache to catch any issues with your furnace before it gets too bad. Montana winters can get really cold and an inspection will make sure that there are no signs that the furnace is going to give out or act up once you begin to run it regularly. Contractors can also check to make sure that the unit is running as efficiently as possible. This will help to keep your heating costs down through the cold months and save you a lot of money.

Next, clean your gutters. This is one of the most monotonous chores to do around the house. However, cleaning your gutters will make sure they work properly as the snow thaws and melts off of your roof. Properly working gutters will help to stop lawn flooding and damage from the amount of water that may be falling in the same place if the gutters are clogged. If snow melt accumulates too close to your house it may also leak into your basement causing water damage. All of that can be avoided by taking an hour in the fall to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, dirt, and anything else that may be blocking the passage.

Finally, test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house. We have all been taught the importance of these little machines. However, they can’t do their job if they aren’t working properly or have dead batteries. Testing your detectors may take as little as 5-10 mins and may save your life. Most smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have a button on the front that says “test”, if you are unable to find this button refer to the owners manual or perform a quick search online to find out how to test your model.

Get Involved

By following these three simple steps you can make sure your family will stay warm and safe and you can protect your home from damage through the winter. Make sure to Like us on Facebook to read new blogs as they come out. To join the Habitat community, visit our “get involved” page and sign-up. Thank you for reading and continuing to support Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana.


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