Build Day Sponsor

As a Home Build Day Sponsor, your group will have the opportunity to help build a home for a local family or veteran in need of safe, affordable housing. With no experience necessary, your team will work together and learn new skills, while actively improving the local neighborhoods that we know and love. To participate, sponsors are asked to fill out our Group Volunteer Form and we will be in touch shortly.

Event Sponsor

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana would love to host an event with the assistance of your organization! One-hundred percent of the revenue raised at our fundraising events support our mission to build homes, communities, and hope for local families. If you or your group is interested in partnering with Habitat in this way, please contact us at (406) 782-8579.

Donated Products Sponsor

Donations of materials is an incredible way to show your support of affordable housing for local families and veterans. Habitat’s ReStore would love to accept your donation of goods to help stock the store. Our ReStore is an instrumental part of funding Habitat’s mission and we constantly need donations to continue operation. Check out the ReStore Facebook Page for updates on the status of the store. To become a Donated Products Sponsor please call the ReStore at (406) 565-9382.