The Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana Resale Store could use your help! Our Resale Store is getting to its peak time of year and could use more volunteer help. Volunteering with the Resale Store is a great way to use your time to help improve your community. Many of our volunteers have become regular helpers at the store over the years and we are looking to grow our community. The Resale store is one of the biggest fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity SWMT and volunteers are necessary to keep it operating smoothly.

Volunteers have many important responsibilities to help keep the Resale store running efficiently. From general cleaning to running the cash register, volunteers are vital to the success of the store. You might also be asked to help with unloading or sorting donations. Of course, nobody will be asked to do something that they don’t feel able to do or comfortable doing. There are jobs for people of all abilities and skillsets. If you want to spend your time helping out, there is always work for you at the Resale Store.

To volunteer with the Resale Store please fill out our volunteer sign-up form. If you have a donation for the store, give us a call at (406) 565-9382 or stop by the store at 821 S. Arizona St., Butte, MT. It is open Wednesday thru Friday from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. and Saturday from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. Learn more about the Resale Store here.


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