Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization has been key to Habitat’s efforts in Southwest Montana, starting with the once-daunting Central Butte Neighborhood.   By making a commitment to concentrate available resources in this 67-block neighborhood that was home to both high schools, for the first 18 years of the affiliate’s operation, the partnership homes created a new face for the neighborhood.   More than 40 new homes were built as in-fill construction on vacant properties that were highly damaged or the prior home of demolished properties.  This represented more than $3.5 million in investment, in a place where the last new home had been built in the 1930s.

These homes resulted in hundreds of existing homes being invested in by surrounding residents who now felt encouraged to make a difference, too.

In the last seven years, Habitat has built in seven more neighborhoods, including locations in Boulder and Dillon.  In Butte, Habitat projects have breathed new life into the Centerville neighborhood, the Upper West Side area, and the East Middle School neighborhood.

Along with new home construction, Habitat has completed 14 rehabilitation projects, including “A Brush With Kindness” painting projects throughout Butte and Southwest Montana.

UP NEXT:  Habitat plans to complete a neighborhood revitalization survey in the 500-home Centerville Neighborhood by fall of 2018.