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Volunteering is the core of what makes Habitat work. Here’s how you can get involved:


Every Habitat homeowner is required to help build their home and must log at least 1000 hours of labor. That’s a lot for any one person and they need your help and support. If you have experience with construction or a willingness to learn, come work alongside the Homeowners as they build homes and hope.


The Habitat office can be a busy place, and your time spent at our front desk greeting visitors, answering the phones, taking messages, and doing light filing tasks takes a bit of the load off of our staff. This is a good match for retirees, college students, or anyone interested in volunteering in a small office setting.


Many of our homeowners hear about the opportunity to build their own home from a friend who heard about it, or someone that built their home, or they talked with a Habitat representative at a community event. Word of mouth is the most effective way to reach those in need of a safe and stable home and we need your help to get the word out. Outreach volunteers are our advocates in the field. They get the word out by attending community events like the Farmer’s Market, speaking with civic and religious groups, and talking to neighbors, friends and family. Outreach volunteers must receive an orientation before beginning their volunteer work.

Community Engagement

Help is needed in Centerville to go door to door to complete a neighborhood wide community engagement effort beginning this summer to better understand what residents like and don’t like about where they live. This is a great opportunity for anyone that likes talking to people and is interested in community development and engagement.

Donation Warehouse

Gently used building material is accepted in the donation warehouse and then sold to the community at a discount. This helps keep reusable items out of the landfill, is an inexpensive option for those with items they no longer have a need for, and provides the community with a source of heavily discounted items like doors, windows, scrap lumber and much more. Donation warehouse volunteers help clean, organize, inventory, load and unload items, answer questions, and provide general customer service. If you have a general knowledge of building material or a desire to help people with their do-it-yourself projects then the Donation Warehouse is a great match for you!

Other skills?

Do you want to support Habitat for Humanity in a way that doesn’t fit these categories? We’d love to hear it!

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